ConfigMgr Distribution Point Upgrade Status

If you upgrade your ConfigMgr site to a newer version like Current Branch 1602 you should monitor your site systems to ensure the upgrade is installed successfully on every system. In a site with lots of Distribtion Points, the following status message query can be helpful. It collects only the related status messages 2370 and 2399 from component SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER.

Query Code

select SMS_StatusMessage.*, SMS_StatMsgInsStrings.*, SMS_StatMsgAttributes.*, SMS_StatusMessage.Time 
from SMS_StatusMessage 
left join SMS_StatMsgInsStrings on SMS_StatMsgInsStrings.RecordID = SMS_StatusMessage.RecordID 
left join SMS_StatMsgAttributes on SMS_StatMsgAttributes.RecordID = SMS_StatusMessage.RecordID 
where SMS_StatusMessage.Component = "SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER" 
and SMS_StatusMessage.MessageID in (2370,2399) 
and SMS_StatusMessage.Time >= ##PRM:SMS_StatusMessage.Time## 
order by SMS_StatusMessage.Time DESC

Create new status message query

A custom status message query can be added in Monitoring – System Status – Status Message Queries:

2016-06-07 15_25_50-System Center Configuration Manager

Enter a name and optionally a meaningful comment and click Edit Query Statement:

2016-06-07 15_27_30-Create Status Message Query Wizard

Switch to query language with the button Show Query Language:

2016-06-07 15_26_10-Query Statement Properties

Paste the query code into the box and confirm with OK:

2016-06-07 15_26_21-Query Statement Properties

ConfigMgr Distribution Point Upgrade Status

Once you completed the wizard to create the new status message query you can execute the query with the button Show Messages:

2016-06-07 16_05_02-System Center Configuration Manager

Select a suitable time period in the drop down list and confirm with OK:

2016-06-07 15_28_41-DP Upgrade Status

Now you are able to easily watch your distribution points upgrade status in a new status message query which displays only relevant information with all status messages for successful and failed installation attempts:

2016-06-07 15_30_28-Configuration Manager Status Message Viewer